Wrap It Up Gals: New Female Condom Hits DC



Fellas put your gold wrappers away, there is a new sheriff in town and her name is FC2. That’s right, Magnums may be old news with the promotion of the FC2 female condom in D.C. Over a year ago the Washington Post reported that 3 out of ever 100 people in Washington, D.C. have HIV.  Since then, the D.C. Health Department has been going into overdrive to step up prevention measures.  Ads for the new female condom are on metrobuses all over the city and

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The newest campaign called, DC Doin It, is targeted towards women using female condoms. I don’t know something about this doesn’t seem right. To prevent the spread of HIV, do we really need female condoms or do we need more responsible people? Do we need buses to remind us to get turned on to contraception or do we need better home training? o_O



  1. ummm, HELL YA, I live in WDC & don’t touch NOTHING w/o seeing ur current STD/HIV testing. I got mine, u need to have urs. Especially with half these “men” effing there “boys” behind ur back, yeah ladies strap-up! It ain’t worth the minutes of pleasure.

  2. This is not new at all, maybe new to show case or to introduce all over the world but not new! My older sister like 8 years ago had this same thing. Maybe they were trying something new then but its not new. I even tryed to use it, I couldn’t get that crap to sit right in my stuff, LOL!

  3. Absolutely, we need to have ads, signs, etc. about condoms and HIV testing. There are plenty of folks with “home training” that still end up with unintended pregnancies, which means possible exposure to HIV and other viral infections.

  4. I always thought you were a lil off Freddy O but now I see that you indeed are. You and your lil website loves to post trash ghetto fights. But you wann get all preachy about this topic. Hell yeah black women need to strap up!!!!! Its to a point where we need to protect ourselves. we no longer need to wait and see if the man has a condom or be afraid to bring the subject up. We have to take more responsibility for our own life now!!!! I love the new campaign and we need it where I live too!

  5. Freddyo The female condom has been out for years!! It is crazy that females are just finding out about this. I have been using the female condom for at least 20 years. It was originally called Reality female condom. Ladies it is the bomb you can put it on b4 and he would not even know you have one on. It is made of Silicone and does not break again it does not break!! Every women should have at least three in her Bedroom drawer. They use to come three in a pack for like $13 dollars now you can get seven in a pack and you can get them at Walgreens or online at a bunch of websites just put in Reality female condom!! Ladies wrap it up because black females are leading in NEW HIV CASES!!!


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