WTF.. Mom Allows Her Son to Wear Dresses?



Cheryl Kilodavis,a woman from Seattle decided to allow her son to wear dresses and write a book about it, called ” Princess Boy” Cheryl and her son  was on the  “The Today Show” this morning to talk about the book.

Read what she had to say below:

When I first realized and went through the process of this and my older son says, “Why can’t you just let him be happy?” I realized that this is really an adult issue…it’s my issue and how am I going to deal with it? Through journaling, I needed a tool to hand to people to say, “I don’t want you to crush my son’s spirit. He’s too young and he’s really strong with loving what he loves.” So I didn’t want that to happen…none of us do as moms.

 The boy is alrady screwed.Make him happy huh, I guess. Naw,  just admit it you wanted a lil girl, and I hope that is the case cause you are not in your right mind!

SMH..Come on people what the hell is this world coming to?

12 responses to “WTF.. Mom Allows Her Son to Wear Dresses?”

  1. aamir1 says:

    A true example of what love should be. Pure and unconditional love does not squash your spirit and bend you into what it wants you to be but rather loves you for who you are. People can be so hateful. I fear that society will take his innocent spirit and turn it into something ugly. They will tell him that he is gay and wants to be a girl or worse…when all he is searching for is happiness. I applaud his parents and will keep them all in my prayers.

  2. vision says:

    AAMIR1- well said, we all want at least I would think unconditional love

  3. Supa_sexy says:

    In a Katt Williams voice, THIS SH** RIGHT HERE N****, IS F**Ked up!!! This lady is exploiting her son for her own financial gain, meaning her book. Like where they do that at??? Ok look, check this out, is this little boy being pushed to be something he is not or he does not understand? Or was he molested and now his innocence has been robbed and his true identity is being hidden and replaced with something he seen or was put out to him as ok because someone in the home is into cross dressing or is gay??? I will never allow my son to dress up in girl clothing just because he feels like it. All parents should groom their child into what God created them to be. Now when you turn 18 and out the house, then you can be and do whatever you please. All I gotta say is this dizzy B***H need her AZZ beat for outing her son in this way to get her time to shine. SO SAD!!!

  4. Best beat says:

    you are so correct…even if this is how the boy feels society is hard and this child will be crushed. his peers will be cruel…why would you set your child up for that…this is a form of child abuse…really

  5. kim says:

    wow. this is wild!

  6. LMAO@U says:

    fuck this lil faggot queer bitch boy i dont give a fuck if he is 6 fuck him let him take his gay aids somewhere else

  7. MARC says:

    little fagot!!!

  8. Mrs.Kaleysha D.Coxe-Hayes says:

    This is why I am ashamed to be black in a America and don’t want to associate myself with black folks. She should be ashamed of herself as a mother and profitting from it this should never be allowed! in this life never/ever. Please someone help! call “Child Protective Services” and take this child away from her because she is a poor excuse for a mother and then I understand she has allowed this behavior from her other son Lord Help.This is why the world is so twisted and as long as we allowe this crazy mess the world will always be a mess..That child will need a lot of counseling and extreme mount of prayer disgrace…shame on you black mother another ruined black cross dressing male child who is now twisted shame on you!!!

  9. shae says:

    this is some crazy stuff who wants there child who is a male where dresses but really it doesn’t matter because i have gay friends so do what u do best in life

  10. Too-much_free time says:

    This really pisses me off, SHE is the mother and duties of said mother is to teach the child how to become a successful part of society. If the child wanted to eat his boogers for dinner because it make him happy would should allow it? NO! As black people (black men) we already have enough working against us from birth without your parent making things even harder for you. She is doing this for profit nothing more nothing less, and the cost for her profit could be her son being a productive man in life. This will be something that will be with him for the rest of his life. If he cures cancer, becomes the President, saves the world…it will still be brought up that when he was 6 his mother let him cross-dress. SMFH@ this dumbass lady.

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