WTH.. Eyelashes Are The Latest Hot Commodity For Vehicle Enhancements {Photos}



I’ve seen it all when it comes to my people. After seeing this picture on MediaTakeout I was at a lost for words. I mean Really? This is how we doing it now. Ladies I know Eyelashes are the latest hot commodity for you women but damn now we are accessorizing them for vehicle enhancements.


I have to know what you guys are thinking about these pics I know y’all ready to go in on the person that decided to dare to be different! LOL

Crazy right?


  1. Why who in the HELL came up with this one! I bet we wont see any BECKYS driving around with this ISH there cars!! I’ve heard of accessorize with rims & paint job but not the damn eyelashes….WHERE DEY DO DAT @

  2. I think u guys are missing the point she is trying to make. She is simply saying girls can do whatever i guy can do. Guys put alot into customizing their cars to show that they are ballers. Well this woman said she is a baller too and yall just mad that u didnt think of it first. I like it!! And yea Im from down south.!

  3. @Bigred33 I agree. If males can have the metal nut$ack hanging from behind the vehicle why can’t she put eyelashes on her car. I’ve seen worse.

  4. i “liked” this on FB months ago!! this is hot, i love it, i just have to many dents on my car to rock it lol

  5. Me and the lil sis are gettin’ these, ppl will be hatin and start getting them too. Nobody can turn down a crazy feminine trend…owww!!!!


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