Wyclef Accused Of Paying Alleged Mistress With Yele Haiti Funds



Wyclef Jean has been on Twitter for the past 24 hours angrily pushing back against rumors that he is stealing funds from his Yele Haiti charity group, and that he used funds from the organization to pay an alleged mistress a six-figure salary. Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus, the alleged other woman, was paid $105,000 as an independent contractor, working for the charity in 2008..

“She worked for Wyclef on all Wyclef matters,” an unnamed source told the Web site. “She did whatever Wyclef needed that day, whether it was related to Yele or not. She would do things like book flights, and she wasn’t very good at it. It’s a shame that she made that much money.”

Though she reportedly acted as the singer’s personal assistant, Khatou-Chevassus’ salary was more than three times what Yele’s program director received, and the two were said to be romantically involved, Gawker reported.

“Everyone knows they were in a relationship,” said another unnamed source. “A dozen people, including me, saw and knew. It wasn’t a secret.”

The multi-platinum rapper, who is married, was recently found with naked pictures of his manager on his cell phone.

As for his Yele Haiti drama, Wyclef has been accused of misappropriating funds — allegedly paying $410,000 to his own companies, and spending $250,000 on advertising with a Haitian television station that he co-owns. He is also said to have charged his foundation $100,000 to perform at his own charity event.

Wyclef has yet to make a statement regarding the accusations, but he fired off the following tweets last night:

  • Wyclef has yet to make a statement regarding the accusations, but he fired off the following tweets last night
  • When Donkeys spread rumors about me I dont Respond cause I’m the master that leads them to the Well to drink the Water. Yele haiti 4 life!
  • If you Ride with me you are on the Right side or you can follow your slave master and believe what he tells you. Yele haiti 4 life
  • Since some of you like to believe everything you read with out having Facts pass this around! Wyclef is A Alien from out of space.
  • I have been spending money n my country since I was a Fugees! why is it now after the Quake I am being Excuse! They fear I’m gaining ground
  • And don’t get it twisted! My Garage could fit half of the people on twitter why would I steal Charity Money! Your gotta come better den dat.
  • Dey had excused martin luther king @ 1 time, saying the FundS raise was for him and his Family! See the light People! Stop being a uncle tom!


  1. He should be ashame of himself. I believe that he stole more than what is being reported. KARMA IS A BITCH!


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