Wyclef Gains Insight After Being Shot In Haiti



Wyclef Jean says there was one positive thing about him being shot in Haiti last week:

“It brought light to the fact that there was an election going on that day,” the artist told People.com on Saturday at the Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas. “I don’t think none of you all knew about an election in Haiti until everyone heard what happened to me.”

Jean, 41, who had hoped to run for president of Haiti himself – but was barred due to residency requirements – said he is on the mend after being struck by a bullet in the hand, which he called “the most famous hand in history.”

“It was definitely a graze,” he said. “The bullet didn’t go in or anything. There’s a lot to the story … The story is about the fact that we had an election and our party is in the lead. It’s a young party, trying to take over the country.”

Jean says the wound was painful, “but it was more like shock and awe” when he was shot. “They put in the anesthesia and stuff. The pain came after all that.”

Jean was performing at Haze on Saturday. With his hand bandaged and covered in a Haitian flag, he was high-fiving fans and even freestyled a rap early in the night poking fun at the fact he was shot.


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