Wyclef Wants Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie To Adopt Haitian Baby



Wyclef Jean is hoping that celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will adopt their next child from his native country of Haiti. The singer tells UsMagazine.com, quote, “Brad and Angie, Please! Please adopt a child from Haiti!” Jean made his case while at the Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest on Saturday in New York City. He’s been working overtime to help Haiti since an earthquake ravaged the country on January 12th, leaving many children orphaned. Jean says, quote, “I have so many celebrity friends who have really supported this cause and who continue to support this cause. Our job is to help those little kids, to give them a chance. If we give them a chance they’ll have a better tomorrow.”
Jolie spoke earlier this year to CNN about how she and Pitt are always open to adopting children from “around the world.”


  1. Ok so…I don’t give a damn what Wyclef has to say until he publicly discloses the tax records of YELE…and my advice to Angie and Brad: DONT DO IT..GRANDMA ALWAYS TOLD ME THAT HAITIANS ARE SHADY! If you had a grandma like mine then you would’nt have let Wyclef squander the 1mil yall gave him a couple years back!

  2. @LIKECAESAR, just becasue your grandma was shady does not mean every haitian are shady, that’s an ignorant quote..that’s like saying all black are murderer thief or assct in a gang. and all white ppl are racist….c’mon boo that was pure ignorant.

  3. My grandmother is not haitian! She is Native American! Follow the context of the statement and you’ll see that I was relaying something that my grandmother used to say all the time. Of course she is from a different time when its was common to make statements like “island girls have bad tempers” or “jamaicans have a lot of jobs” or “haitians will still the shirt off your back.” In actuality I was only being comical, but if you look at FACTS….WYCLEF JEAN IS A CLASSIC SHADY HAITIAN!


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