Wyclef’s Presidential Ad; Pras Does Not Support



So, I guess it’s really happening. Wyclef is really about to run for President of Haiti. I am willing to bet money that this is gonna be a mess. He is notoriously unfaithful to his wife, is suspected of doing shady things with his foundation, and has no experience in diplomacy as proven by the Fugees’ non-reunions. I am not alone in my skepticism. Fugee member, Pras, seems to agree with me. To see Wyclef’s ad and Pras’ interview on Wyclef’s run,

Wyclef”s Ad

Pras on Wyclef

This reminds me of Sarah Palin. I think he is under qualified for president. Would you trust Wyclef as your president?



  1. To trust Wyclef as my president? It depends. If I lived in a poor and depressed nation where I had to live in tents and barely ate, and you have a rapper that cares deeply about this country and continues to support his home country that is deperate, than yes. Support him as president of the U.S., hell no.


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