YFN LUCCI throws a listening party for a song with Trey Songz



“All Night Long,” is a new track from YFN Lucci with superstar singer Trey Songz. He recently threw a release party, bringing out Atlanta celebrities to support the new classic.

Rapper/Actor YFN Lucci is still going strong in the music industry. He has dropped consistent hit since his introduction in the rap game a few years ago. Now alongside RNB legend Trey Songz. This track is one of YFN Lucci’s fewer slower song since he usually pops his gangsta rap lingo on the track.



Many popping Atlanta Influencers came out to support including Dae Dae (@oyoudaydae) of the popular clothing line BEEN BROKE BEFORE appeared, Jay The Connect (@jaytheconnect) a behind the scenes music manager and mogul, CEO Billionaire Fly, rappers Trouble, YFN Bunk, DJ Lavish Lee, YFN, Fat, YFN Kay, Yfn Traepound, Mooshoe, OMB Pezzy, and the rest of the YFNBC and TIG records family; including BLOODY JAY. Music by DJ Alpo, Location SUITE LOUNGE on Luckie St in Atlanta.


Soon as I get home, girl
I’ma make this s— up to you baby
I’ve been gone too long from you baby

Soon as I get home, girl
I’ma show you I’m the one for you baby
Feels good when I’m f—–’ you, baby

i’ve been locked down for a while now, baby I’ma beat it all night long (All night long)
I’ve been locked down for a while now, baby I’ma beat it all night long (All night long)

Look, hit it like Michael Trout
And if it’s good I f— around eat it like some trout, yeah
Adrien Broner, I got that knockout, girl
I’m gettin’ top in the foreign, I got the top dropped
I told her “Once I put it in, you better not stop” (Yeah)
With that good a– head, how you a dropout?
Girl, I came to put in work, too late to clock out
Got that dope d—, lookin’ for that ‘Ill Nana’
Look, we don’t catch planes, we on a jet to the Bahamas
And we don’t wear ’em plane, we bust down every one of ’em
Hella bad, spent $100,000 for one of ’em
And she bad, she be on the same one that I’m on


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