YFN Lucci’s 650 Luc is high on the charts


  1. YFN Lucci releases his new mixtape “650 Luc.” In just one day it has been moving up the charts, it appears he is headed for Number 1.

The new “650 Luc” tape by YFN Lucci consists of 17 solid tracks some featuring the hottest rappers in the music industry. Oh yeah it was hosted by the infamous DJ Drama. In the words of Lil Wayne off of dedication ,” If you gone do a mixtape, you know you gotta go through drama!

The title may have spurred from his previous hit song “650 Luc.” Now he’s turned a hot song to a hot project.

We have 17 tracks; 650 Intro, I’m Gone ft. Dolph, Turner Field, Never Change, Trap Ft. Jeezy and TI, Ride For Me ft. Youngeen Ace, POET, All Night Long ft. Trey Songz, Backend ft Trouble, Used To, Skrrt Skrrt ft. YFN Kay, 200 years, Pull Up With a 100 ft BloodyJay, Paid In Full ft. Ink, Want It All ft. Fabolous, No Ceilings, & Wish Me Well Flow.



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