Young Jeezy New Video “Chicken No Flour”


The official video for  Jeezy’s “Chickens No Flour” from that street certified The Real Is Back 2mixtape out now. Produced by my boi Lil Lody and directed by Daniel Czernilofsky. Can someone please tell me what Jeezy means when he say’s we cooking Chicken No Flour!!!! Tell me if you feeling the song and video?


  1. This song goo hard in the streets..if you listen to 1:37 you will know what chicken’s…….he is known as the snow man…

  2. I love me some Jeezy, but damn, every song?!? C’mon now, I know you got something other than selling, cooking, and moving drugs to rap about.

    I still love you boo! LOL

  3. I have no idea what chickens no flour mean. I’m sure it’s drug terminology. But love jeezy nonetheless


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