Zonnique’s 14th Birthday: Part 1



Zonnique’s entire family came to show love to the birthday princess.  This 14 year old has the swagger of a rock star.  She had a lavish rockstar  themed birthday party at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta last night.  Hannah Kang and Laura Giles of Music Business Politics did a great job organizing and planning the party. The layout was amazing. There was all you can eat candy and even people got  Henna tattoos.    Young Dro, Rich Kids, Lil Shun, and Lil Chuckee came out to show support. It was reported that they were filming for their reality show. However, that was not the case.


  1. This party looks fun…I just can’t help and wonder what will they done for her 16th birthday….that has to be pressure…trying to outdo the birthday party from last year…

  2. What yall haters got to say about Tiny now? She is very pretty in this picture, and her and her family look very happy.TIP looks like he’s in it for the long run from this picture. I think Star should go solo! GO TINY!

  3. Nice and expensive party decoration. Kids were dressed age appropriate. Sidebar: Where was her biological father and his family members?

  4. Dose she ven see her dad u always see t.i and her but not her dad. Why dose t.i ‘s daughter look like she doesnt even want to be there.

  5. omg tip is so cute but he need to work on hgis swagg a lil and nique is so pretty i wishh i wass dere lol but imma met ha soon cuz imma be famous watch out for me

  6. I wish I was there! The OMG Girlz ROCK! And I love TIP alot. But haters need to fall back this is the next Big Hip Hop family.

  7. Attorney mom- her dad was there u need to pay attention. It seems to me u want to try to find something negative in what is absolutely a great family. Worry bout u


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