As TWITTER TURNS: Chris Browns has SMALL RANT/Breakdown on His Birthday!


On Chris Brown’s birthday he took to the twitter waves to get some stuff off his chest. Gotta love TEAM BREEZY!

I have always said Chris Brown and et al are a publicists biggest nightmare. How can you represent a client who goes to Twitter to share all of their thoughts and problems? On the happiest day of the year for most people (their birthday); Chris Breezy took to Twitter to get some stuff off his chest.


We are not sure what was going on with the young man on his special day. Maybe he had a fight with one of his many lady friends? Maybe he had a case of “I’m getting up there and I need to go somewhere and FIND MY LIFE”? Or maybe he had smoked a little too much of that herb that led him to take inventory of his homies? Either way his rants and mini-breakdowns via Twitter makes for AWESOME entertainment.

Check out his rant below:


Can we give this brother a HUG? This rant was on twitter a whole 7 minutes. We sure hope C-Breezy had a great 24th birthday. Gotta love TEAM BREEZY!

What are your thoughts on Chris Brown and et al airing all of their business on Twitter for the world to see?

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