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Berg and Jay are providing Forex Trade Training for Teenagers – Interview

Berg and Jay

Berg and Jay are two productive entrepreneurs that found their answer to financial freedom through Forex Trading. In fact, over the years they formed a partnership that’s unbreakable. In training newcomers over the years Berg has discovered that the millennial teenagers are picking up the art of becoming excellent day traders and pay attention to detail when it comes to learning.

For a limited time only, these two entrepreneurs will offer complimentary trade training to teenagers in the Atlanta area now through the end of January,. If you are interested please contact @bergforex or @Hello_im_Jay via Instagram DM or send an email to,

Check out developing these 5 habits listed can make you a better forex trader.

1) Strategize

2) Journal Everything Daily

3) Fear Greed

4) Develop Emotional Control (Never Make Emotional Decisions)

5) Control Your Risks

Listen to their podcast discussion on The Producers Channel TV

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