BET Cancels Mo’Nique’s Talk Show


Word on the street is that BET just cancelled The Mo’nique Show. The highly successful show, hosted by Monica Imes AKA Mo’Nique, would have started its third season this fall. The break reportedly stems from personality disputes between Mo’Nique and some of her higher ups.

BET is said to be giving Kevin Hart the job but Charlemagne and Lil Duval are also in the running. I was hoping to get the show myself but I’m not ready for that quite yet.

Mo’Nique is set to film the new movie Bumped currently in pre-production as we speak.



  1. Thank God! This show is three seasons overdue for cancellation. Everytime she said wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze, I wanted to wrap my hands around my throat and choke myself so that I could faint and drown out the sound of her ghetto ass whiny voice. Eeww. Ill watch Kevim Hart ANY dau. Ill watch Bozo the clown before I watch Monique. Good job BET. There is hope for this network.


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