Big Boi Comes Out To Show Frank Ski Some Love + His New Video Shine Blockas



Over the weekend the homie Sir Lucious Left Foot and all his homies came out to the top place to party in the ATL on a saturday night “Utopia”. Every week Frank Ski brings out one of his homie to party the night away with all of the grown and sexy people of the ATL… The club was jammed. While their I got the chance to talk to Big Boi and he wanted all yall to know that his new album is about to drop  in Feburay so make sure yall pick it up…  One of his homies told me that Big and Andre will be back with their next Album really soon, maybe even next fall… I just hope PETA dont find his A$$ cause after seeing that coat they would be pissed… Here is Bigs New Video Featuring Gucci Mane – Shine Blockas…

I love this song cause it tells what I am out here doing. Here are all the pic’s…


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