Braxton Family Values Season 3 Episode 11: “Go Hard Or Go Home”



It was game time on this episode of Braxton Family Values. Trina and Traci prepare themselves for major solo gigs, but Toni and Tamar show Trina no mercy when they see hers. Meanwhile Towanda works to set up Tamar with a new personal assistant.

Traci and Trina invade Charlotte for the CIAA basketball tournament weekend. They both have an opportunity to perform solo at two different events. Traci is tasked with singing “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” the Black National Anthem, at a pre-game show. Trina is anxious to do her latest single “Game Time,” which she didn’t get to sing last time at Toni’s showcase. The two are both nervous because they only have each other to rely on for support and not the rest of the Braxtons, but find some courage to get the job done.


It’s showtime and Traci’s nerves take over. While rehearsing backstage, she goes blank and forgets some of the words! Plus Trina is nowhere in sight, and she promised to be there to see Traci perform. Minutes before Traci goes out on the court to perform, Trina pops up and helps to calm her down. And Traci killed the song! Way to go, Traci, you did that!


Trina also murdered her half-time performance. After a little snafu with the backup dancers and their shoes, the performance goes off without a hitch. Go head, Queen Boom Boom!

Braxton-Family-Values-Season-3-Episode-11-Go-Hard-Or-Go-Home-freddy-o Braxton-Family-Values-Season-3-Episode-11-Go-Hard-Or-Go-Home-freddy-o

After Toni’s showcase, Towanda, the perfect assistant to everyone in the Braxton clan, decides to stay in LA for a while to help get Mama Evelyn settled into Tamar’s house, and to also find Tamar a new assistant. She finds James, who she thinks is perfect for Tamar because they are too much alike. He’s like the gay male version of our favorite Tamartian. And honey, was he! From his posture to his speech he was Tamar through and through. Tamar says James was fun but wanted to see what he would be like while working, so they give him a trial run by doing a day of shopping.


The shopping day is all about food. Tamar already has a sweet tooth, and being pregnant only turned it up more! They take James to a sweets shop where they sample literally everything. Poor James ended up sampling all the candies and cupcakes that Tamar didn’t want to eat but was curious to know what they tasted like! She wanted to see if James could predict what her taste was like. Oh, Tamar. After the trial run she decided that now wasn’t the right time to hire James. Though he was cool, she had to make sue he could co-exist with Vince, and that may take a little longer to work on.


Trina shows Tamar and Toni her performance of “Game Time.” These two are her harshest critics. They got on her about everything from her back dancers to her boots! Trina understands that Toni may be a little harder on her because she wants her to shine, but dang, can Trina live?


Next time show the tape to Mama Evelyn, girl…she’s not as tough!


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Video/Pictures via Yardie.


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