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What about this life that you live and want to see change, I mean your waiting on something to change but are you taking the necessary steps to make that change. Good old fashion hard work still pays off. I know that we live in microwave world and we expect so much but do very little to bring what expect to come to past. Take this new month in consideration, you know there were some things that you didn’t like about last month but what steps did you first plan to do to something about it. What steps did you take to make sure that your results are going to be different.

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Here’s the thing, you won’t do anything different or have anything different until you stop doing the same thing that you’ve done already. Listen to that I know that seems obvious and simple but it is a profound statement. Can you get different results off of the same seed, I would hope that you’ve said no. That is correct, it won’t happen as a matter of fact it can’t happen. It’s like if you planted a watermelon seed and told everybody after awhile you guys you can come over my hose because I have some apples springing up. Check your own pattern and see if your getting your desired results. Let’s be honest, let’s be real, we all have desires and we all want more but are we all strategically navigating what we are planting. It simply amazes how we seem to think that that it is God’s job to irrigate what we navigated. Clearly he, meaning God said he we never change, he is the same yesterday and forever more. So let’s look at our equation, we you never changing your seed plus God never changing his seed equals to us never really getting what we need, want or desire. So then now we come to the conclusion that someday we’ll get, or we’ll say im just waiting on God or we assume that that’s God’s way of saying it’s not our time yet and we need to wait on him. When none of that is true. Here’s the deal, when the facts are wrong then the answer is wrong. You can’t get the right answer from the wrong equation. The facts have to be all true. So let’s do a little bit of math, if you God has a seed plus you have that same seed and you add them up what do you think it will equal out to now. It don’t take you that long to figure out that your going to know get the desired results you were looking for. Let’s bring it to terms, God’s word is a seed and then you put that seed in your mouth and then add action on it or should I say step out on it now we can fully expect it equal the desired results we were waiting for. This is not a test but if you apply this to real life situations it is a test and it becomes real when we don’t pass it and some of fail and some of lose hope and then others quit and give up.
The good thing about God is that he’s very patient, loving and forgiving. He will wait on you to recognize the truth and then reward you for it. You have to be willing to first admit that God is the truth and that there is nothing else he will do to proof that to you, You have to believe him at his word. Next you have to start speaking what he says is true and then soon after you’ll start believe what he says is true,. Soon after you believe it’s then and only then it becomes almost automatic because you only do what you believe. The actions are very vital to seeing the results desired. As the word, He says that the word of God is a seed. When you put the seed in your mouth it then begins to spring up. When it begins to spring up you know that you have activated that seed when you have believed. Once you have believed you can very well take a step out on it. Now here’s where the cookies crumble. The steps are crucial to manifesting the promise of God because one wrong step detonate the whole plan. If that happens its very hard for us to get back up and try it again but for God that’s his specialty, his strength is made perfect in our weakness. For us on the other we get discourage and lose up and then condemnation sets in. That’s why he says things like trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.

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Now we started out taking about change but remember when I said that you won’t do anything different or have anything different until you stop doing what you ‘ve already done. To conclude the matter here’s what we now know is true that if want to see change then we have to change what we’ve already done and seen that that there were no results. Let us from here on out activate our manifestation by changing how we’ve done things over and over with out changing the seed that we’ve sowed expecting a real harvest or a good outcome.

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