Chris Brown’s Private Jet Forced to Make EMERGENCY Landing


A private jet carrying Chris Brown was forced to make an  emergency landing in Burbank yesterday after the cockpit filled with smoke after  takeoff …

TMZ reports that Chris boarded a Gulfstream 3 jet in Burbank and was headed for Teterboro, NJ … so he could  attend the Met Gala event.

Roughly 7 to 8  minutes into the flight, everyone on board began to notice smoke filling the  plane. According to a source close to TMZ:

“It was A LOT of smoke …  everywhere.”

The pilot immediately turned the plane around and performed  an emergency landing back at Burbank airport.

The passengers were terrified but the pilot remained calm, cool, and collected. The pilot was praised for handling the situation with great professionalism.

Team Breezy was determined to make it to the Met Gala last night so he found another private jet within the hour. He made it to Teterboro but never made it to the Met Gala. WOMP WOMP WOMP. LOL

Getty Image

But Chris was spotted at an after-party looking very happy!

Would you get back on a plane after an emergency landing?

Leave your comments below.

Story via: TMZ


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