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DL Hugley On Fox Network!



Last night DL Hugley had th e chance to get on Fox News to talk about the recent deaths of African Americans at the hands of police officers. A lady named Megan who was supposed to be interviewing with him was clearly a rascist and it was clear she had little regard for black people herself.

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I must say that I am very happy about the strides we are taking as black people to put an end to racial tensions. There are many athletes such as Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James who have been calling attention to the African American issues as well.


However even with all these inspirational people coming forward it still is not enough. The marching is still not enough even the petitions still aren’t enough. But one thing that will be effective is the hault on cash flow going into these businesses we support that could care less about us.


You know that half of these white owned businesses have the biggest clientele from the black communities. With that being said if we are as serious as we say we must be able to participate with actions that require a sacrifice.


I am more than willing to do that, are you?


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