Dr Simone Whitfield a No Show Panelist for Dr. Heavenly University Conference


DrJackieSimoneDr. Simone Whitfield (cast-mate to Dr Heavenly Kimes) was recently a no show at the #HeavenlyUniversity Conference held for business saavy individuals? Word on the curb is Dr Simone has not been happy about the recently aired arguments during season 2 of Married to Medicine between her BFF Dr Jackie and Dr Heavenly. Would educated doctors heavenly-christytake it back to high school level tit for tat? We certainly would not like to think so, but then again we are speaking on Reality TV stars. Well, it was definitely an information day with reputable speakers like Christy Wright from financial guru┬áDave Anderson’s camp, Jennifer Lester (Director of Big Boi’s Big KidzFoundation) and Clyde Anderson (financial analyst). It was unfortunate Dr Simone had to cancel 2 days before the event allegedly due to “schedule conflict”. Maybe she knew someone would go into labor during the conference.

HeavenlyUni-GroupNevertheless the show did go on. I must say I was inspired by Dr. Heavenly’s passion about becoming debt free. I think I wanted to run home and cut up all my credit cards but I’m just not that disciplined yet. So many guests attending a conference about saving money, balancing life and work, relationships and future goal setting. Who knew people would actually be interested in the real world of mortgages and engage in conversation about the 15yr fixed loan versus the 30 year due in 15. See, I’m already speaking the lingo. How many of you are ready to tap into your financial side?

heavenly-drdamonYou know Dr. Heavenly is not going too far without “her daddy man” Dr. Damon Kimes by her side for support. Special thanks to Exclusiv Vodca for the cocktail reception that followed.

miss-J-DrHspeechMiss Jessie’s is always looking out. Are there ever going to be some exclusive men’s stuff in those gift bags? Well I guess shampoo is not gender specific. Ok on that note , Thanks Miss Jessie!

miss-jessieSome guests came from Florida and as far as Colorado.

jessieDrHUMore Heavenly University students. Guests were quiet happy with the McDonald’s McCafe courtesy breakfast coffee and sandwiches.

Heav-Jen-ChristyDr Heavenly, Jennifer Lester and Christy Wright

Rachel-carmenShout out to Exclusiv!



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