Early Voting for 2016 US Congressional Election Is Underway



It’s about that time to start making your election sure. On a Sunday afternoon stroll with my family, we had the opportunity to cross paths with St. Johns County Commissioner Bill McClure of St. Augustine at Jacksonville, Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Greeting my family with warm smiles and gracious hugs, Bill McClure and his wife passed out literature encouraging our community to vote for him as US Congress District 4 for the early voting starting on August 30, 2016.  


As seen here with aspiring print model Ah’zhia Green in Jacksonville, Florida, Bill McClure talked about being the voice for the people first and not of politics. He also talked about the importance of fighting against raising taxes, securing our borders, supporting our Veterans and helping successful small business owners. With Bill McClure’s proven record as the Commissioner of St. Johns County, Bill McClure is set to be the best person for the task at hand for the U.S. Congress District 4 seat, bringing an outside perspective on an inside job.

Unlike other officials, Bill McClure is not hesitate to go right where the people are to meet their needs. We need more officials that are willing to be more transparent, accountable and conservative this. Support officials with a true heart for the people and a commitment to reach out to our communities by putting politics to the side and creating jobs for the people.


Written by Ajeania Green



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