Evelyn Lozada From Basketball Wives Takes Over Atlanta Pride 2011


The charming Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s hit show Basketball Wives came through to Primal here in Atlanta for Pure Heat 2011, Atlanta Pride. Her arrival to the club caused a frenzy, with fans snapping pictures every chance they could those women were losing they minds.

This lady at the party said to me:

“FreddyO I love yo website and I am so happy that you show love to everyone… She  then went on to  talk about how happy she was going to see her favorite basketball wife Evelyn and how much it meant to her that she was at the club as she broke down crying smelling of liquor… LOL  she then gave me her number and begged me to give it to Evelyn she said it was her last chance she new Evelyn was engaged… LOL

Evelyn posing with Aneesa Ferreira of Real World Chicago.

Once things settled down, Evelyn judged a hype MC battle between two women, one reppin the West Coast, the other the East, who went round-for-round, one even threw in Evelyn’s signature quote, “You’re a non-motherf&^#ing factor,” which drew a lot of praise from the crowd. Once the battle was over, Evelyn headed to the patio to judge a wet t-shirt contest, and it was bananas!

The Lovely Sheneka Adama was also in the building and help host the party. You have to give it to  Evelyn for coming out and supporting when most just hate on what they don’t understand.

The Wet T-Shirt contest was crazy!!!!

I wanna give a big shoutout to the sponsors: X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Chambord, Aya Vodka & Miller Lite.


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