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Exclusive Interview: Miss Mykie Of BET’s 106 And Park

Miss Mykie one of the newest host and personalities to BET’s 106 And Park shares a little bit about herself with FreddyO. She talks her background in media, industry inspirations, goals, transitions and more. Check out the full interview inside.
FreddyO: What was this first thing that ran through your mind you had been chosen as a new host of 106 and Park? 
Miss Mykie: After I got called to fly back to NYC for a meeting with Stephen Hill, I was jumping up and down in the living room shouting “OMG!” Lol. I sat still for about 5 minutes after and just thanked God. 


What is your background in television, radio and/or media?
I grew up doing professional stage plays and being involved in performing arts programs. I loved the arts so much that I went on to college, Howard University, for a bachelors in Fine Arts. After I graduated I became a middle school theater arts teacher and starte

d pursuing music as a solo artist. Both full time jobs! Sleep was hardly ever. I got a lot of practice shooting videos for my music. I learned what I liked to see myself look like on camera. Other then that, no real heavy television, radio, media experience. I’m just a natural behind the camera.
Who is someone who inspires you in the industry?
Queen B! I love how private Beyonce is. I believe that is very important in this industry. I also am inspired by her hard work and dedication to her craft. It doesn’t hurt that she is drop dead gorgeous as well. 
What is your favorite moment thus far on 106 and Park?
 I value every single moment I have there. I cannot put one over the other. I truly love what I do and thank God and Stephen Hill for such an amazing opportunity. 
Describe yourself in 4 words.
Who is someone you would love to interview, past or present and why?
Lady GaGa would be dope. I enjoy her energy and charisma.
How has hosting changed your music career goals?
It has definitely been a drastic change. I am not stopping music, but I am putting a pause on it to focus on helping to make 106 and Park the hottest show in the world. We are taking over this year. Don’t believe me just watch! 
How is the transition from Houston to New York?
I still fly back and forth often. I have a house out there so I like to fly home to check on it and catch up with family and friends. I love New York! I just don’t like the coldness. I came at the wrong time lol! During the Christmas break I flew home and didn’t have to wear a jacket once. “The good life” lol
What are your co-hosts like to work with?
I love them all. We have such great chemistry and such a good time together. We are bonding more and more everyday. My family.
What are some of your future goals in television/hosting?
I actually would rather just surprise the world. I have a lot up my sleeves for 2013. I believe I am going to shock many. Stay tuned!
Check out her song ‘Just Getting Started‘ below:

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