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[Exclusive] Mona Scott-Young Celebrates The Launch Of Her New Book ‘Blurred Lines’

Mona Scott-Young welcomed an intimate crowd of family, friends and lucky fans to a private celebration for the official launch of her new novel, Blurred Lines.

“I wanted to do something in books but, I definitely didn’t want to do it the traditional way,” Mona said, telling the crowd a little more about the how the novel came to fruition during the event. “I felt like publishing…..there are people already doing it and doing it well so, what can I do in that space to innovate? And there were some ideas that came to me through some contacts that I met in this business, one of them being Joe Regal of Zola Books who is in this room tonight— and remember that name because it will mean something to you eventually—but, Joe and I talked about doing something incredibly exciting in that space.” – Mona Scott-Young

Blurred Lines is a fictional novel centered around a young couple who’s familial and professional ties to the Hip Hop world send their relationship on a rollercoaster ride they never expected. Described by Mona as “a tale of three generations of strong-willed and ambitious women who find themselves at life’s crossroads with everything to lose”, the book is loosely inspired by a combination of several storylines seen on the Love & Hip Hop reality series franchise.

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