Frank Ocean Quitting The Music Game???



Frank Ocean posts a vague message on his site leading us to believe that he might have had enough of the music game and is calling it quits….(see more inside)

Since we’ve first heard of Frank Ocean he’s been known as a very creative person with words and an artist that wont ”spell it out for you” but he recently posted some words that aren’t easy to mistake.

This was the message that Frank posted and underneath a picture of himself that looked like a person consumed with frustration:

Other signs that lead us to believe that he is throwing in the towel when it comes to the mic and pen are tweets he posted in mid oct:

Not completely sure what Mr. Ocean is referring to when he speaks of ‘quitting’ but he sure is giving us reason to believe that he might have had his fill with the music industry.  For the sake of music we hope not but we will keep you posted.

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