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Hillary Clinton makes stop at Clark Atlanta University

Democrat and Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton made many campaign stops Friday in Atlanta, Georgia.
During a speech at Clark Atlanta University in the historic Atlanta University Center, Clinton attempted to extend an olive branch and build bridges with young African American voters. She promised that if elected president, she’ll pass legislation to end racial profiling. Clinton understands that African American millennials are powerful as evident by a multitude of grassroot organizations created in the last 10 years. She wanted this change agents to understand that their voices are not going unheard.

Clinton said, “Let’s remember that everyone in every community benefits when there is respect for the law and when everyone in every community is respect by the law.”

Due to the recent mishaps and unwarranted killings abuse from the police, Clinton also spoke of the dire need to improve the relationships between police and the communities they serve. Clinton says she’ll also work to bring “fairness” into the criminal justice system, which she says unfairly puts more African Americans behind bars.

“We need reforms that can be felt on our streets, in our courthouses, our jails, our prisons and our communities,” said Clinton.

Clinton delivered her remarks before a crowd of roughly 2100 university students, supporters, and politicians such as John Lewis inside the gymnasium. Some of the students will be voting for the very first time in the upcoming primary election.

Some students say they support Clinton’s vision. However,they wonder if it is possible to make simple wants such as fairness and tolerance mandatory.

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Now you know her appearance had to be interrupted by hecklers and people who felt their message was just important. Mrs. Clinton’s remarks were consistantly interrupted by a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators who loudly chanted throughout her speech and sometimes drowned out her remarks. One of the protestors was eventually led out of the gym while the crowd of Clinton supporters cheered and chanted, “Let her talk.” Usher even asked them protestors to be respectful. I understand their platform but do the not realize that yelling will get them no where?

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