Jacob the Jeweler sues Courtney Love for jewelry return


(11/23/2010) Jacob the Jeweler is suing Courtney Love. She hasn’t returned nearly $114,000 worth of borrowed baubles, and he is suing to get them back. Clearly, he isn’t suing me Courtney Luv but the other one! She indicated to the jeweler that she’d lost the items, but their agreement specified that she was responsible for them “regardless of loss or damage,” said the company’s lawyer, Jeffrey Klarsfeld. Love’s spokesman and lawyer didn’t immediately respond to messages. The lawsuit seeks the gems or their $113,700 value. I so don’t believe she lost them at all. I think she is not telling truth. She pawned them or smoked them up. What do you all think? -www.twitter.com/IamCourtneyLuv


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