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K.Michelle Opens Up & Shares Her “Rebellious Soul” With Sister2Sister Magazine!

KMichelle Covers Sister2Sister September 2013 Issue

The home girl K.Michelle recently sat down with our favorite publisher Jaime Foster Brown of Sister2Sister Magazine and discussed  her “Rebellious Soul”which involves her new album, new reality show, and her desire to shed her “villanious” image/persona. Check out the sneak peak interview below.

I didn’t come to make friends.  I  came to make great music. So I take that. You don’t have to like all of my  decisions and all of my antics. But you have to respect my music.“–K.Michelle

Jamie: Is there any kind if misconception about you that you think is out there?

K.Michelle:   There’s a lot of them, but I think people are starting to see. You’d think I   just pop off, but you don’t see I’ve had a full conversation with this   individual. You just see me curse them out. You know it’s gotta be a villain   every season. Somebody’s got to bring the ratings. It falls on me; I take it.   It is what it is. But I think people need to understand that I’m not always   angry. I’m very calm. My manager always says I’m the most giving person out   of any artist that he’s ever met. I will do anything for anybody.

Jamie: What’s your  show going to be like?

K.Michelle:   The real me.

Jamie: I thought we  saw the real you.

K.Michelle:   No, you see the angry me, but this show is more my move to New York. Like,  I’m just getting in my house this week in New York. Now we found the   furniture—all of this kind of stuff, and just my growth as an artist and me   dating again and just me being a mother and my real friends, not the friends   that I’ve been put with.

What life  lessons has K.Michelle  learn all about it here and pick up the September 2013 issue of Sister2Sister Magazine to find out.

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