Kanye West Clothing Collection Sells Out and Check Out Scene From Kanye’s HBO Pilot



The big homie Kanye is making moves with his new clothing line that is completely sold out. If you are a fan you got to wait a little while longer if you didn’t get your hands on the first stash. Kanye’s collaboration with A.P.C. a French Fashion brand sold completely out after it was released over the weekend. The nine-piece collection included jeans, shirts, and hoodies. Kanye’s popularity brought so many visitors that the website crashed according to “People Magazine”.


If you didnt get a chance to order it you can pre-order the fresh Kanye gear until Wednesday, when the company receives a new shipment.





The good news is, you can still pre-order items from the capsule collection’s next shipment, so if you’re in need of a Kanye-branded “Hip Hop T-shirt” ($120 for a black or white Egyptian cotton tee), a Trippy Symphony T-shirt ($140), a hoodie ($250 for the short-sleeve model above; $280 if you want long sleeves) or skinny jeans ($265), get shopping.

It is rumored that the eBay route, be aware that the price of the surprisingly popular short-sleeve hoodie currently ranges from $300 to $625.


In addition to the new clothing collection Kanye is making movies in TV via YOUTUBE; back in 2008, Kanye West signed a deal with HBO for a single camera improv comedy similar to “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. The executive producer for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is working with Kanye and his new show.


Ultimately, HBO chose not to pick up the show, because, according to Charles, it was “too hardcore” for the network. But as these things go, footage from the pilot has made its way onto YouTube in the form of a reel uploaded by actress Alison Quinn.


Watch as Make-A-Wish fulfils a young boy’s dream of meeting his sixth favorite artist.

That was so silly! Kanye West might get a revival due to Youtube; time will surely tell. But as HBO makes up their mind Kanye is making moves with upcoming projects which includes acting, cameos, a live puppet show called Alligator Boots and he’s currently working on a remake of “The Jetsons”.

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