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Kanye West’s Next Collaboration Is With The Migos?


Kanye West said he had a new album to drop this summer and we probably should believe him because ever since that announcement he has been releasing new music…kinda. 

After attending Yo Gotti’s listening party out in Los Angeles, Kanye had played a new song called “Saint Pablo” and now we are hearing a snippet of a new song that may feature none other than The Migos.

West’s fashion consultant Ian Connor posted the video on his Snapchat account, with The Migos listening in, which seems strange unless they are about to jump on this record. With it being snippet we can not confirm much, but it can be inferred it is heavy on the auto-tune, a device Kanye is not afraid to use.

This would be a first time collaboration and one that peaks interest in how it would turn out. With Kanye having already having worked with Future and on his latest album “The Life of Pablo”; Andre 3000 and Young Thug, Kanye is trying to have his hand in all things Atlanta hip hop.


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