Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Recieves $175K In Divorce Settlement



It must be good to be Torrei Hart right now. Chick was just awarded with $175K in their divorce settlement. She will also receive $20K a month for child support. They have two children together (8-year-old Heaven Lee and 5-year-old Hendrix). Torrei has been making a name for herself lately with her viral videos that she has been putting out but with checks like these who needs to work?

Before you feel sorry for Kevin, note that he is worth $9 million so this is probably chump change to him no matter how his bank account is set up. Will he have a child support account now? Torrei will also get an Escalade and keep her jewelery (what woman would give that back anyway?).

Just in case you’ve never seen any of Torrei’s spoofs check it out:

Do you think the settlement was enough? Or was it too much? Thoughts.


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