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Lil Scrappy Accuses Erica Dixon Of Hiding Daughter, Fans Attack Erica After Scrappy Speaks Out

Scrappy x daughterLil Scrappy is heartbroken about not seeing his daughter.  In an emotion post on his Instagram page, he called out his baby mama, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Erica Dixon for hiding his little girl.  Apparently ish hit the fan at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion taping and Erica felt threatened.  See what Lil Scrappy had to say below!  lil-scrappy-daughter-emani

I miss my daughter so much , I can’t explain the pain , of having a kid that you can’t see because the mom is petty an want me to be miserable, she’s mad cause all the lies she told didn’t work in court so she’s hiding in a new house and hiding my daughter and acting like I threatened her and everyone was arguing at the reunion but she went and lied to the police and my daughter is hurting because of it and I can’t do nothing but wait for the judge and people can ride for my daughters mom all day long but when it comes out about what she did and how she played with my lil ones summer and time with her dad you won’t be any more God bless the strong father that takes care of his kids through all the bs , I love you Emani I’m praying everyday and I shed tears and miss sleep about you all the time, you are my gift from God

Scrappy’s fans rushed over to Erica Dixon’s Instagram page and lit it up with comments in support of the Prince of the South.

  • She Won’t Let Her Daughter See Her Dad . Cause Her Daddy Ain’t Giving Erica Broke Ahh No Money , That’s Why Her Ahh Mad
  • .Erica you gotta grow up girl. This right here will only hurt your daughter. Never thought you were this type of chic. Bambi’s obviously not a JumpOff as everyone thinks! They really seem happy but don’t let that bug you. Keep living but do not forget About your child which it seems you have. Support or not her dad wants to spend time with her, we all know she’s missing her dad they way she would miss you too.
  • @msericadixon you shouldn’t keep a child from they dad what ever you & scrappy got going has nothing to do with your daughter its not fair to her at all, type of mother are you hurting her like that
  • @kimmie_b__ YASSSSSS!!! She mad @adizthebam took her man and kept his ass and he acting right for her!!!!! Erica is played and lame!! She got money she being greedy asf and the only income both of them have is the show he probably get more money than her since he’s the reason she on there!!!


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