Dej Loaf Celebrates Her 25th Birthday With A “Coming To America” Themed Party In Atlanta



Dej Loaf’s Royal African Birthday Bash brought the whole city out!!! The team of Eyelash Vizion Queens Shante Traynham Mimi Carpenter and Shavala Jenkins did it again throwing one of the best birthday parties for their celebrity client Dej Loaf at the chic venue Ventanas with the Coming To America theme that was amazing. There was Lions, Monkeys, Exotic Birds and a Python snake which gave it the Royal African Safari feel.

The room was packed with her celebrity friends who wished her well on the yellow carpet Toya Wright, Ceelo Greene, Jermaine Dupri,Tammy Rivera, Bambi, Premadonna, Adrien Broner, Mr Ruggs, Miracle Watts and a host of others that performed live for Dej such as Yo Yo, Syleena Johnson, Joseline Hernandez, Bobby V, RL from Next, Case, and special performance by Young Thug. The decor of the room was fit for a King and Queen starting with her birthday cake from Iced Out Cakes the ballon arrangements by Exquisite Events along with the customized Ice Sculp! tures, and the fun photo booth by Say Cheese and the Life Like Art painting of Dej Loaf added a beautiful touch to the room. See all pictures of spectacular event on



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