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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 4: “He Said, She Said”

The ratchetness just keeps on rollin’ on this week’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode.

Erica and Lil Scrappy’s engagement is over—just for now. They discuss the blow up argument over last week’s “peaceful dinner” with Momma Dee, to which Erica says she’s had enough of the disrespect.


Now Erica’s pumping the breaks on wedding planning. Ultimately, all Erica wants is respect, and not to be called a b*tch every five seconds by Momma Dee.

Do you think Scrappy will putting his mama in check anytime soon? Probably not.

We wouldn’t even square up to Momma Dee if she was our own flesh and blood.


Scrappy doesn’t quite understand why Erica is ready to put the “pause” on him (see what we did there?) and goes to get advice from the only married man on the cast, Kirk Frost. At a strip club. While making it rain dollars, pre-marital guidance also came down from Kirk, which Scrappy seemed to really listen to. Tho the dancer doing splits probably distracted him…

Moving on to Kirk. This man will defend his wife’s honor till the end of time, even if he does have to pass through the gates of K. Michelle hell to do it.


He confronts her at the studio as she was working on new music, threatening her to never bring up Rasheeda’s name again or physically attack her, like she tried to do last week with the burning candle. kmich

Good ol’ crazy K. clearly wasn’t scared as she hurled verbal assaults at Kirk, calling him everything in the book, including a lesbian. Wow! Then she starts playing the piano singing a fresh off the top song about how old Rasheeda is and how Kirk wears a tutu. Isn’t she lovely?


K.Michelle also roped Mimi into coming with her to a visit to her OB-GYN to discuss why her lady parts won’t function right after her last relationship. She basically means that she can’t “enjoy” things as she used to. Yeah, um…there’s nothing wrong with your love below, K. The doc suggests she finds a new man online, pretty much politely asking her to stop wasting his time and ours.

An episode of LAHH ATL wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have any Joseline and Stevie J dramas to discuss.


This time the drama has widened to include Benzino, who was accused of sending Joseline a DM on Twitter early in the morning on some slick stuff. When they confront him, Benzino claims it was all business, but with the rumor floating around (supported by Karlie Redd of course) that he slept with Joseline while watching one of her homemade videos made it worse.


There’s usually a “G Code” dudes follow when it comes to their homies and their chicks, which is “bro’s before h*oes.”

“But I don’t believe my bro,” Stevie J says as he gets in the car with Joseline and drives off. Looks like that bromance is dead.


Later Joseline has a breakdown with Stevie saying he stresses her out, not just over the contract dispute, but their relationship. She was hard as nails last week when it came to her money, but when it comes to her heart she’s soft like pudding. And Stevie gave her an upgrade from the side chick to the main chick since his main chick Mimi don’t want him no more! But did Joseline see her contract yet? Nope!

Lastly, the newbies of LAHH ATL DJ Traci Steele and DJ Baby Drew still can’t get it together, whatever “it” is.


She pops up at his house unannounced with her half of  the money for the investment he asked her for, but is shocked and also mad as all hell as she realizes he has company. Why you mad? These two aren’t together, and he constantly asks her to respect his boundaries. Basically – he can have all the groupies in the world at this point. Traci rips up the check infuriated, saying Drew puts the groupies over their “family,” and she just isn’t bout this baby mama life.


The groupie even came out of the house to watch them argue! We hope they can find a way to co-parent Little Drew ASAP before Traci self-destructs, because she’s close to doing it!

Did you miss last night’s episode of LAHH ATL? Check out the link below!

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