Love & Hip Hop NY’s Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz Engaged



 Love & Hip Hop: New York reality stars, Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz are officially engaged. See full details inside.

The season is set to kick off next week for Season 3 and apparently the couple are now officially engaged according to an interview with TheJasmineBrand. Erica posted some photos via social network this week to make the story line a little more obvious to be true. Clearly a story line for the season!

The Jasmine Brand: 

We were all over your Instagram and we noticed some wedding ‘stuff’. What’s up with with that?

Erica Mena:


Rich Dollaz:

Because we’re gonna get married, soon. Probably this summer.

the Jasmine Brand:

Are you engaged, in real life?

Rick Dollaz:

Yes, we are engaged. That’s my girl.

the Jasmine Brand:

Really? Does anyone know that?

Rich Dollaz:

I’m dead serious.

the Jasmine Brand:

You’re the only person that went on Instagram…so now you have a scoop.


Well congrats to Erica and Rich!!!


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