Mase Wins Partial Custody of Kids and Full Custody of Rap Equipment!



The big homie Mase has finally settled his divorce and he walked away with seeing his kids sometime and his music equipment all of the time. Sounds very interesting.

Check out the details below.

The big homie Mase and his estranged wife Twyla have finally settled their divorce. As you might remember there were rumors circulating around the internet that Mase wanted full custody of his kids. Well he did not exactly get the full custody of his children in this divorce settlement.

Mase will get “reasonable visitation” of up to three hours a day as long as he gives 12 hours advance notice.

Mase was ordered to fork over $6,000/month for child and spousal support.

In return Twyla must return ALL of Mase’s musical equipment.

So the big homie gets partial custody of the kids and full custody of his music. I feel a spiritually charged rap album is coming to an ipod near you.

What do you think?


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