Mathew Knowles owes IRS $1.2 Million in Taxes


Can you pay your daddy’s tax bills Beyonce?



Daddy Knowles made tons of moolah off of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and others over the years. Now Uncle SAM wants a piece of the action.


Again we ask Beyonce “Can you please pay your daddy’s tax bill?“.

According to Uncle Sam, Mathew Knowles still owe taxes on the money he made during his managerial days. That sum equals $1.2 Million. Wow that’s a lot of money.


TMZ reports that the IRS has filed liens for the years of 2010 ($485,575.95) and 2011 ($728,004.89) which totals a sum of $1,213,580.84.

WOW that’s a lot of money.

Beyonce can you pay your daddy’s tax bill? We know you and Jay got that money sitting in a box under the bed. That aint a thang for you two. Can you take care of this monkey on Daddy Knowles’ back?

Matthew Knowles was still managing Beyonce and others during 2010 and part of 2011. Daddy Knowles had his fingers in several different projects including owning his own record label. How much money did he pull in if the IRS wants $1.2 million?


Now that’s WEALTH when you owe the IRS millions of dollar…… know you are RICH!  and during the years 2010 and part of 2011 MK was still managing her career.

What are your thoughts on wealthy people not paying their taxes?

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