Men’s Fashion Week In Paris!



Guess who? Yes, it was Men’s Fashion Week recently in Paris and yes the best of the best chocolate men were in attendance the main one being A$AP Rocky! You all knew, so please don’t look surprised because again this man has been fashionable since day one, very confident!


Men’s fashion week in Paris was a great and fruitful event. Others who were in attendance include Dwayne Wayde, who also covered ESPN magazine with a nude photo recently and Micheal B. Jordan. For those who don’t know Micheal I will just spell one word for you: C R E E D. Yes, it is a movie and if you didn’t  see it, then go see it now.


I don’t know if there was a specific dress code there but all there but all three of these men were in black. Do you all think that that was planned? I mean they were not wearing the exact same things but the clothes definitely were in the same family!

Whether here nor there, Paris looked lively as always and other men like Nick Young, joined these three for this exclusive event. Did you all see the fashion show? What did you think of the latest styles for men?


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