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Monica Hosts New Album CodeRED Listening Session At Patchwork Studio

DSC_9111R&B songstress Monica hosted a private listening session for her eighth studio album Code RED last night.  Atlanta’s top tastemakers, media, and DJs all came out to Patchwerk Recording Studio to preview the album before it hits stores on September 18, 2015.   DSC_9160Monica’s husband, NBA player Shannon Brown was right beside his wife showing his love and support last night.DSC_9321Rapper Young Jeezy also came out to hear Monica’s new album Code RED. The two entertainers are longtime friends and support each other all the time.DSC_9096Chart topping music producer Polow Da Don was also in attendance to preview Monica’s new album.  The studio was also filled with many other industry front runners including “Art Behind The Tape” co-author DJ Mars, “Never Sold Dope” Maven Brand CEO Keinon Johnson, Straight From The A’s Michelle Brown, and more.  Check out all the pictures from the Code RED listening session below.
DSC_9046 DSC_9047 DSC_9050 DSC_9053 DSC_9054 DSC_9058 DSC_9064 DSC_9067 DSC_9072 DSC_9074 DSC_9089 DSC_9095
DSC_9100 DSC_9105
DSC_9123 DSC_9126 DSC_9130 DSC_9137 DSC_9140 DSC_9144 DSC_9157
DSC_9164 DSC_9165 DSC_9172 DSC_9176 DSC_9181 DSC_9192 DSC_9209 DSC_9204 DSC_9206 DSC_9225 DSC_9227
DSC_9246 DSC_9265 DSC_9271 DSC_9275 DSC_9281 DSC_9291 DSC_9295
DSC_9326 DSC_9330 DSC_9332 DSC_9336 DSC_9341 DSC_9346 DSC_9348 DSC_9351 DSC_9359 DSC_9362 DSC_9370 DSC_9376 DSC_9379 DSC_9383 DSC_9391 DSC_9392 DSC_9402 DSC_9404 DSC_9413 DSC_9426 DSC_9435 DSC_9436 DSC_9437 DSC_9439 DSC_9442 DSC_9447 DSC_9452 DSC_9454 DSC_9457 DSC_9460 DSC_9470 DSC_9475 DSC_9476 DSC_9484 DSC_9487 DSC_9492 DSC_9496 DSC_9498 DSC_9500 DSC_9511 DSC_9521 DSC_9523 DSC_9524 DSC_9527 DSC_9531 DSC_9537 DSC_9543 DSC_9547 DSC_9550 DSC_9555 DSC_9561 DSC_9567 DSC_9569 DSC_9572

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