Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne (Are we SURPRISED?)



Friday we reported that Emmett Till’s family had requested a meeting with Lil Wayne and PepsiCo the owners of Mountain Dew to discuss his crude lyrics in Future’s Karate Chop.  Weezy F Baby is the face of Mountain Dew well he was until PepsiCo dropped him!

Mountain Dew and parent company PepsiCo. issued an official statement on Friday, May 3, distancing themselves from Wayne and confirming that they had severed ties with the artist and dropped their joint “DeWeezy” Campaign.

“We do not plan any additional work with Lil Wayne moving forward,” the company said in the statement. “His offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”


It appears the big homie has been “Ricked Rossed“. It really does not come as a surprise to us that Mountain Dew dropped him as their spokes-rapper. We are sure that Lil Wayne is not all that surprised either considering Reebok was forced to drop Rick Ross after the back lash they received from his lyrics in U.O.E.N.O.

It is interesting that it took PepsiCo so long to make a decisive action because as we all know branding is everything.


We hope that Lil Wayne revisit the lyrics from Karate Chop and truly acknowledge his poor decision. A sincere apology and a check to the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation can make things better. The horror that poor young Emmett experienced should not be taken lightly. Maybe this costly mistake will be the wake-up call for our most celebrated entertainers. Sometimes a wake-up call is needed so you can step outside of yourself and see the impact their lyrics might have on the greater community and their pockets.

Some things should really be off-limits.

What are your thoughts on Mountain Dew dropping Lil Wayne?

Are you surprised?

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