NEW MUSIC : Eddie Murphy Reggae Song “Oh Jah Jah”


eddie-murphy-press-rayggaFunny man Eddie Murphy is getting serious on his newest reggae track, called “Oh Jah Jah.” 

More than a year after the release of his first reggae song, “Red Light,” the comedian-turned-musician will release the socially-conscious track through iTunes on January 27th.  Fans can already stream it through the SoundCloud account of the record label, VPAL Music.  While he previously announced plans to release a new album, Murphy tells “Rolling Stone” that those plans are still up in the air and could depend on the success of “Oh Jah Jah.”  He explains that if people end up enjoying the song he may put together a collection of tracks he’s recorded over the years.  He even says that if his songs start to take off, he’d love to take his music on tour. The

THe song is really good check it out below …

PHOTO : BIll board


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