New Study Finds That Men Prefer Women Who Look Dumb And/Or Drunk…


Shout out to Michelle from Straight From The A.  She just found out about a new study that says men prefer drunk dumb women!!!

Here’s her tip: Go out and get sloppy drunk and you’re likely to have a slew of men following you around like lost puppies.

Ha ha!! Check this out!

It may sound extreme, but a new scientific study suggests that evolution has created a strain of men who actually prefer dumb, sleepy and/or drunk women over those with charm, wit and intelligence.

[And you wonder why so many “good woman” are still single… ]

Read details of the study below… (you may be surprised to realize that the study actually makes sense!)

Being that “intelligent” woman are often waiting longer to have children, man’s primal instincts have evolved to seek out those chicks that display signs of being “easy pray” ie quick to give up the draws.

Over time men and women have developed conflicting reproductive strategies, with women preferring long-term relationships and men preferring more short-term relationships.

Males and females have traditionally differed in their minimum obligatory parental investment, their willingness to engage in sexual relationships and how much investment to place in a relationship differs between males and females, therefore, researchers participating in this new evolutionary study suggest that men arenaturally born to have little concern for the consequences of casual sexual relationships given that their bodies produce somewhere around 85 million sperm cells per testicle every day.

In contrast, modern women are born with a brain that is still sensitive to the pregnancy-related consequences of short-term sexual relationships, making them more reluctant to engage in casual sex than men.

Sounds like all you good girls better go grab a drink and then maybe you will grab that man you’ve been waiting for!!!  LOL!!!

Read the rest here.



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