New Video: Musiq Soulchild ‘Yes’


Musiq Soulchild has released a video for his song Yes which has been playing more on the radio recently. In this video, he gets creative and dedicates the video to the fight against breast cancer. Musiq Soulchild is now Ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Circle of Promise. The movement is supposed to get black women all over the world to be more involved in the fight against breast cancer. He incorporates the movement into his video by showing that he will stand by his woman as she fights against breast cancer herself.

In addition to this, the video actually features real survivors of breast cancer who live in the Atlanta area. Check out the video below:


I’m glad that Musiq Soulchild dedicated his video to such an important cause. I guess he’s living up to his word when he stated in an interview that  his music would “challenge people to be more forward thinking than just talking about sex” (click here for that story). Do you predict any other R&B singers to take this path? What are your thoughts on his newest video?


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