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Nicki Minaj’s Mother Is Set To Release Shocking Details On Son’s Molestation Trial

Nicki Minaj is set to drop her fourth studio album “Queen” this month while her mother Carol Maraj is simultaneously preparing to share ‘shocking news’ about her sons molestation trial in a tell-all interview.

Seemingly out-of-the-blue since her previous tweet was on April 26, Maraj shared with her Twitter followers that ‘Hood Report with Charles Fisher & the “Fitness Sheriff” would air an exclusive interview where she would reveal information from her son’s trial that the courts kept from the public.

Maraj’s son and Nicki Minaj’s, 38-year-old brother Jelani Maraj was found guilty last year of predatory sexual assault on a child younger than 13 years old. According to Newsday, prosecutors alleged that Maraj started abusing the victim when she was 11 years old, and raped her repeatedly between April and November 2015 while her mother was working. The girl, who is now 14 years old, testified that Maraj called her “his puppet” and said she had “no say” in the things that were being done to her. She testified that if she refused his advances—he physically attacked her.

She also told the jury Maraj warned her to keep the abuse a secret.

His lawyers countered that the girl’s mother beat her into complying with the fraudulent criminal claims, as part of an attempt to extort Maraj’s superstar singer os $25 million. Carol Maraj, also testified, saying that the mother of the victim once told her that “It’s gonna take lots of money to get out of this one.” As if all of these allegations and testifying weren’t bizarre enough, the victim’s brother also got involved.

The girl’s brother who is 10 years old, testified that he saw Maraj’s “private parts” touching his sister after he walked in on the two of them in 2015 partially clothed. The boy said Maraj told him to stay silent or he would be taken from his mother.

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