Papoose and Remy Ma celebrate eleventh wedding anniversity


This year makes Eleven for superstar Remy Ma and Papoose marraige. They recently threw an anniversity event.

Papoose and Remy have been married for over a decade. That is certainly a huge milestone. The couple recently had a child together as well. Sounds like a fairytale story. Remy Ma posted a video on instagram and captioned:

Yesterday made 11 years I’ve been married to my husband @PapoosePapoose ELEVEN YEARS of unconditional unwavering committed LOVE & MARRIAGE!!
We didn’t have a big celebration or social announcement, we just spent the day together ( me, him & the Golden Child)- we ate some good food, watched a movie, put out a record lol and took turns playing songs that remind us of different times in our relationship and it was perfect? You can’t fake this type of love you can’t #CC this type of loyalty…NOTHING and I mean NOTHING or NO ONE will ever change that?I love you my King? Happy anniversary ?#RemyMa #BlackLove#MeetTheMackies #RemAndPap

Remy Ma has been going through alot of legal trouble. Fans are glad to hear that she us celebrating and steering clear of the drama. On another note, Remy has also been particpating in entrepreneurship outlets; presenting a “Remy Ma Collection.”


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