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PHOTOS: Kandi Koated Nights Featuring Benzino and Kirk Frost


Kandi Koated Nights was off the chain last night. We celebrated the big homie’s birthday DJ A One better know as #famousSHIT! Man you getting old I am getting old we all getting old. It was fun celebrating with you last night.


DSC_0023Now back to Kandi Koated Nights it was a good time with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino and Kirk Frost as they talked about love triangles, cheating, and some more.

They had a lot to get off their chests.

Check it out after the break!

Benzino started off the conversation first. He wants everybody to know that he’s not into cheating. He don’t condone cheating in relationships. He says that the editing makes things look a certain sort of way. According to the big homie Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is heavily edited. We are not seeing everything that is going on and that a lot of scenes are missing.

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Then the big homie Kirk Frost came on the scene and the ladies were not feeling him at all. The audience mood shifted when he entered the room. Kandi weighed in on the unraveling relationship of Kirk and her bff Rasheeda on the show. Kandi says it’s really sad how urban audiences don’t respond to positivity. Last season Rasheeda and Kirk were branded as dull and boring. Now since they are going through their issues they are turnt up. Why don’t we support positivity? Why don’t we support happy and successful couples? Kandi said it’s actually very sad.

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  Time for a little realness. I know Kirk and Rasheeda very well. I have know this couple for a very long time. I thought all of this was for TV but unfortunately their issues and problems are very real. I won’t front I thought it was FAKE and that it was for ratings. Now I have a better understanding of Kirk’s position. Now don’t start bashing me because I don’t condone infidelity but there’s so much more going on with this couple.
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