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PHOTOS: 2016 #LudaDayWeekend Celebrity Bowling Event


I had the opportunity to capture photos of the Celebrity Bowling Event hosted at Alanta’s Bowlmor for the 2016 LudaDay Weekend. The annual event is a celebrity favorite and Atlanta staple project produced by Rapper/Actor/Philanthropist Ludacris and the Ludacris Foundation.


Check out the fun we had in the images below.


Bowling with Ludacris for LudaWeekend is an ATL favorite and a perfect way to kick off Labor Day Weekend. Ludacris is known for his talent and his heart for the community powered by the Ludacris Foundation.


 LudaWeekend is an annual event that the City of Atlanta looks forward to and an opportunity for all of the cool people to get together and have a little FUN! Ludacris was joined by his wife the beautiful Eudoxie Bridges and all of the celebrity friends for a fun evening of bowling, competition, and giving back to the community.

Some of our favorite stars were in the house to get their charity and party on at the same damn time. The perfect way to kick off the holiday weekend is to have a little fun while giving back. Kudos to Luda and all the work he does for the community.









Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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