PHOTOS: Atlanta’s V-103 Hosts Private “Sing for Me” Book Event with LA Reid



The People’s Station V-103 hosted a dope private event at Atlanta’s Scad Show to introduce a select group of fans, Atlanta’s taste makers, and influencers to LA Reid’s new autobiography “Sing for Me”. The intimate evening was moderated by V-103’s radio personality and tv star Big Tigger. Producer Kawan KP Prather and Outkast’s own Big Boi was in the house to show their love and support.


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I recently overheard LA Reid do an interview on XM Radio about his new autobiography “Sing to Me“. That interview was so interesting that I couldn’t help but run out and get the audio book so I could learn more about super producer LA Reid for myself. As a lover of good books, I had planned on savoring this book like a delicious morsel taking it all in over the next couple of weeks and maybe even months. The legendary story of LA Reid and Babyface‘s LaFace is the reason why ATLANTA is the hottest place in the world when it comes to entertainment. Fast forward to last week when I heard that V-103 was going to host a private conversation with LA; I knew that I had to read the book and read it fast. In the last couple of days, I binged read “Sing to Me” and it’s AWESOME! I finished just in time for the V-103 Conversation that was held at Scad Show in Atlanta’s Midtown.


LA Reid told the audience that he loves Atlanta and that we make the very best music. He shared fun memories of building his musical empire with Babyface and how he used challenges to help him become a better music executive and advocate for his musicians. He shared candidly that OUTKAST was his best act and that the supergroup personifies the word MUSIC. Fans were given the opportunity to ask Mr. Reid questions ranging from advice to getting into the industry to his thoughts on today’s music to what was his thoughts on the evolution of the music industry thanks to illegal downloads and streaming. LA Reid shared candidly his thoughts and encouraged everyone in attendance to chase their dreams.


As you can see I totally enjoyed the V-103 Conversations with LA Reid and I encourage all music lovers to take a look at his new book. It’s pretty DOPE!

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