PHOTOS: Brandy, Ray J & Princess Love Spotted at the 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Show!



It was truly a family affair at the 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Show with the entire Norwood clan including Brandy, Ray J, his new bride Princess Love, and momager Sonja Norwood rocking the building with new love and new products to showcase. The Norwood clan got some big things popping for the entire family from Hairtroniks to Raytroniks.


The celebrated hair show that promotes entrepreneurship, small businesses, beauty, entertainment and so much more was the perfect back drop to showcase the Norwood’s family products.

Check out the detail after the break.


I was excited to see the Norwood family represent at the 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Show as they showcase black business with the launch of various products that span the spectrum of beauty, hair care, fashion, and fun under the newly created Hairtroniks and Raytroniks.


The Norwoods are also showcasing the power of black love as we got a chance to see the new power couple Ray J and his beautiful bride Princess Love who we got the chance to see and grow to love on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood”.


The family held a dope press conference to unveil the highly anticipated hair care line from singer/actress Brandy for girls who love braids and natural hair styles called Brakari under the Hairtroniks brand. Ray J’s beautiful wife was there showcasing her new clothing line and Ray J was there to showcase his new electronic bikes called Raytroniks. Ray J blessed a fan each day of the hair show by giving a Raytronik away.


Fans got the opportunity to check out Hairtroniks to Raytroniks and connect with the family. Check out the images below.

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