PHOTOS: Cynthia Bailey & Derek Blanks Opens New Modeling School & Photography Studio



A big congratulations is in order to my girl Cynthia Bailey and friend/photographer Derek Blanks on the grand opening of their joint business which is a Modeling School/Photography Studio in Atlanta. This is going to be a great extension of their collective brands that include modeling and photography. These 2 stay winning!

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Cynthia Bailey was surrounded by some of her favorite celebrity friends last night as she celebrated the grand opening of her new modeling school/photography studio, a partnership with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks. When I tell you that this school/studio is hot; it’s truly an understatement. It’s situated not too far from bar One.

This new venture is going to be a game changer for those wishing to get into the modeling game. As you know Cynthia Bailey has an impressive modeling career that has extended to coaching and mentoring up and coming models. Derek Blanks have truly made a name for himself in photography. To that end, he is currently working with Michele Williams of Destiny’s Child fame.  He creates photos that are truly epic and memorable. This is Derek Blank’s 5th studio and we are so impressed by his eye for art and his business prowess.

We had a great time wishing these 2 well. I got a chance to catch up with Mr. and Mrs. Leakes who promise they are going to take me on a world tour with them and we will party like RICH FOLKS! I have my bags packed let me know when you all are ready to hit the world.

I got a chance to catch up with Peter Thomas who is making some big moves with his upcoming Reality TV Stars Award Show that will feature stars from around the country and the world. The Award Show will take place in Atlanta this Fall and it’s going to HOT! Stay tuned because I will have access to tickets and news. You could see yourself sitting next to your favorite stars.

The event was so much fun and there were tons of friends in the building. Stay tuned for exclusive photos of the modeling school/photography studio.  Congrats again to Cynthia and Derek. Check the pictures out below:



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